Installing TradeStation 9.1 Update 29 (build 12880).


Software distribution.
QuoteRoom Installation.
TradeStation Installation.
TradeStation Configuration.

Software distribution.

For quick reference is available for download a portable version of TradeStation 9.1 build 12880. To install and configure the full version of TradeStation, you may need the following distributions:

QuoteRoom Installation.

Starting with version QuoteRoom 2012.06 the Forexite company officially supports QuoteRoom run with TradeStation 9.1 (build 11680-12880):

TradeStation real time.

Before you install TradeStation it is advisable that you install the QuoteRoom:
  1. If you are running QuoteRoom, close it.

  2. Start the installation: ".. \ TradeStation 9.1 FullSetup \ 1 QuoteRoom Setup \ QuoteRoomSetup 2018.1.1445.exe".

  3. Specify the directory for QuoteRoom to be installed in. If you have a release version of QuoteRoom already, you can install the latest version in the directory with that release one. In this case select "Yes", when you are asked about saving your QuoteRoom.ini. When you run QuoteRoom will be prompted to add a service for TradeStation. Choose OK for the service to be added and automatically started. If you set up the installation clean, the service will start automatically.

  4. After the installation is complete, run QuoteRoom:

  5. Log in to TradeRoom. If you do not have an account, you can register a demo account or log in via social networks.

    Authorization through social networks is very convenient in the future you will be able to log in simply by clicking on the social network icon without having to enter your name and password every time. Login with a name and password is also possible at any time.

  6. If you do not have TradeStation installed on your computer, the TradeStation service in QuoteRoom will not start. It will be necessary to start it manually after installing the TradeStation.

TradeStation installation.

If you have TradeStation installed already and you just need to install an update, please read here.
If you have Windows 7 or newer, you must run the installation and update files with administrator rights!

In Windows 10, during the initial installation, errors may be issued: "Unable to register servers", "DDE Server Window: TSInst10.exe". After the error message, the installation starts to roll back and as a result the TradeStation is not installed. In order to install TradeStation, immediately after the error message is issued, the installation program must be closed through the task manager or through the taskbar so that the installation changes are not rolled back. After that, you can install the latest update. TradeStation will work fine.
To install TradeStation, you have to do as follows:
  1. If you are running TradeStation, close it.

  2. Start the installation: ".. \ TradeStation 9.1 FullSetup \ 2 Basic TradeStation Setup \ TradeStation 9.1 11680.exe".

    If you have Windows Vista or latest versions, you should run the installation as an administrator. You need a .NET 4 library for the TradeStation run. If you do not have it installed, you will be prompted to install it: "TradeStation requires the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework to be installed. Click OK to install the required .NET components before continuing with the installation of TradeStation". Press OK.

    After the .NET 4 installation is complete, the TradeStation installation will continue:

    TradeStation Setup.

    Click Next.

  3. If you already have a TradeStation version installed, you will be prompted to use its settings:

    TradeStation Setup.

    You can try to use the settings from the previous version. However, if you encounter problems when using RadarScreen (radar), you may need to reinstall TradeStation 9.1 anew, without copying the settings from the already installed earlier version of TradeStation. Personally, I had a problem with RadarScreen when used the settings from a previous version.

    Select the desired item, and then click Next.

  4. You can choose the installation directory in the TradeStation setup dialog box:

    TradeStation Setup.

    It is highly recommended to use the default directory as the platform updates may not be installed to another directory!
    Click Next.

  5. Wait until the installation is complete:

    TradeStation Setup.

    Click Continue, and the installation of the base version will be completed at that.
Immediately after the installation, TradeStation will search for and install the latest update of the platform. If you want to install the update on your own, deny the update download and then disable the platform auto-update right in TradeStation:
  1. Launch QuoteRoom.
  2. Launch TradeStation.
  3. Select "File / Preferences / TradeStation Desktop" in the TradeStation main menu.
  4. Select the Updates tab in the "TradeStation Desktop Preferences" window.
  5. Activate item "Manually download TradeStation Platform updates".
  6. Press OK.
  7. Close TradeStation.
If after the TradeStation launch it requires a user name and password, then either the automatic platform update to an unsupported version has already taken place or QuoteRoom with a running TradeStation service has not started.

If you have TradeStation 9.1 installed already and you want to have an opportunity after the update installation to come back to the TradeStation previous version, you need to make a copy of your workfiles, as the file format of the latest updates may differ from that of the previous ones.

To save your files, you need to save files of the following directories:
  • Workspaces are stored in the directory "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ TradeStation 9.1 \ Desktops".
  • Indicators and strategies are stored in the directory "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ TradeStation 9.1 \ MyWork". You may store your worksheets in the directory. If you keep them in a different place, save them.
  • It is advisable to save the whole directory "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ TradeStation 9.1" in a separate directory. It might be useful to you in the event of a rollback.
Before installing any updates, TradeStation automatically creates Backup of all key user files as well as the platform settings in file "C: \ Documents and Settings \ !User_Name! \ AppData \ Roaming \ TradeStation Technologies \ TradeStation \ Versions \ 9.01.00 \ Patches \ patchbr[].tsa". The square brackets indicate the platform version which was installed before the upgrade. You can use this backup, but it is safer to have your own backup of all your important files.

Do as follows to install the update:
  1. If you have a symbol redirecting of the MyWork directory to another directory, then create a folder with files without redirection for the update installation. Otherwise the MyWork directory will be re-created, and your working files will not be automatically updated. After you have installed the update, successfully launched the platform as well as updated the source codes of the indicators and systems, you can re-enable the directory redirection.

  2. If you are running TradeStation, close it.

  3. Launch the file: ".. \ TradeStation 9.1 FullSetup \ 3 TradeStation Update 29 Build 12880 \ Update29.msp".

    If you have Windows Vista or latest versions, you should run the installation as an administrator..

    TradeStation Update.

    Click Next.

  4. Keep the option Repair:

    TradeStation Update.

    Click Next.

  5. Wait until the update installation is complete.

    TradeStation Update.

    Click Finish.
If you are requested the TradeStation.msi file during the update installation, specify the path to it. The file may be in "C: \ Users \ !User_Name! \ AppData \ Roaming \ TradeStation Technologies \ TradeStation \ Versions \ 9.01.00 \ Install".

If the folder does not contain the file, and you cannot find it with the help of the search, then download the archive with the file from here. Unpack the archive, start the update and specify the path to the file.

TradeStation Configuration.

After installing TradeStation 9.1, you must copy additional configuration files. To do this, run the utility: ".. \ TradeStation 9.1 FullSetup \ 4 Config Setup \ TS_Config.exe".

Next, run QuoteRoom, with the TradeStation service running necessarily:

If you have Windows Vista or latest versions, run both QuoteRoom and TradeStation as an administrator.

After the QuoteRoom successful launch, you can run TradeStation. If QuoteRoom is not running or the TradeStation service is not running in it, then after the TradeStation platform launch you will be asked for a username and password to connect by default to the TradeStation servers. In case QuoteRoom is launched and the TradeStation service is activated, the connection to QuoteRoom is established at once, without requiring the username and password.

You can enable the "Start TradeStation after resuming history by Forexite History Server" option in the TradeStation service settings in QuoteRoom instead of manually TradeStation launching. If the option is enabled, TradeStation will launch automatically after the history is resumed.

The quotes history for TradeStation is taken from the QuoteRoom database, which is serviced by the "History Database" service. The TradeStation 9.1 platform has its own cache of the quotes history. This cache is used to speed up the charts and is kept in "C: \ Program Files \ TradeStation 9.1 \ Program \ Cache \ CAL_cache.clod".

If you have a chart window in TradeStation the history for which has not yet downloaded into the QuoteRoom database, then press Ctrl + R in the chart window after the history is resumed. The chart will be updated and the missing history will be downloaded into the TradeStation cache.

For charts in TradeStation build 11680-12098 (Update 12), the default short symbols (EUR, GBP, EUR, CHF) are used for the symbol names, since no synonym is used in the TradeStation service of QuoteRoom. Starting with Update 13, the "FXX:" prefix as well as the short names of the symbols is necessarily used for a symbol name specification.

You can enter the symbol names manually, or just download the list of the symbols being supported. To do this, click Lookup in the window of the symbol settings:

TradeStation - Format Symbol.

Enter "*" (Update 1-12) or "FXX:*" (Update 13-29) in the "Description" field of the "Symbol Lookup" window, and click Enter, or Lookup:

TradeStation - Symbol Lookup.

The symbol portfolio supported by QuoteRoom will appear in the symbol list. Select the symbol you need and click OK. When inserting symbols in RadarScreen (Radar), you can use the window "Symbol Lookup" and multiple choice of symbols holding down Ctrl or Shift.

Please note that in TradeStation the symbols are classified as STOCK, not as FOREX. It is done for the traders to have an opportunity to set the point price equal to $ 1 in the efficiency and strategies optimization reports.

You can customize the settings for symbol sessions in the Properties folder of the symbol parameters window:

TradeStation - Symbol Session.

Click "...", and select the session "24 Hour":

TradeStation - Symbol Session - 24 Hour.

To have the quotes history provided by Forexite, for a Sunday hour displayed, you need to add one hour for Sunday. You can do it manually or by using the pre-generated files. The native session settings are kept in "C: \ Program Files \ TradeStation 9.1 \ Templates \ Sessions \ 24 Hour.cst". You have already installed the ready file using the utility TS_Config.exe.

In order to do it manually, act as follows:
  1. Click "Modify", and the session settings window will open:


  2. Click Add and fill in the fields as shown below:


    Click on the ОК buttons before you close both windows. As a result, you will have one Sunday hour added.
You can specify your own default settings for a session in order not to set up the session parameters for each certain symbol or window. To do it, select "File / Preferences / TradeStation Desktop", and specify the desired default settings in "Sessions" of the "TradeStation Desktop Preferences" window:

TradeStation - Symbol Session - Default.

Please note the following details:
  • If you cannot launch TradeStation, try to do the next:
    1. Uninstall all 32-bit versions of the .NET 4 library (you might have several of them installed).
    2. Uninstall TradeStation.
    3. Correct the errors in the registry using the registry cleaner (CCleaner, TuneUp Utilites, Norton WinDoctor).
    4. Download and install .NET 4 on your own.
    5. Install and run QuoteRoom. Check the TradeStation service running, the quotes receipt and the history availability in the QuoteRoom database (you can draw a chart right in QuoteRoom).
    6. Install TradeStation 9.1 without using the settings from the previous versions of TradeStation. The installation size of TradeStation 9.1 build 11680 should be 111,721,576 bytes.
    7. Launch TradeStation. The status bar in the lower right corner on the green background should have the data activity indicator.
  • Both QuoteRoom and TradeStation run properly in Windows 7 64-bit. However, it is necessary to install and launch both applications as an administrator. You can also use both QuoteRoom and TradeStation, in a virtual machine.

  • If you received a message "Application failed to start because mfc100.dll was not found. Application reinstalling may fix this problem” during the QuoteRoom launch, run vcredist_x86.exe from the QuoteRoom directory.

  • If you are requested your username and password during the TradeStation startup, then you either have not launched QuoteRoom with a running TradeStation service, or you are using a TradeStation version, which QuoteRoom does not support. For TradeStation not to download automatically the updates that are not supported by QuoteRoom, it is recommended that you disable the automatic updates. You can read about the auto-update disabling above.

  • The daily bars in TradeStation are drawn based on the closing time specified in the charts settings. If you select the local time for a chart, the daily bar will be closed on your local time, according to the time and time zone on your particular computer. If you are drawing a daily chart on the market time, the daily bars will be closed according to the time zone GMT +1.

  • If, for any reason, the cache files are damaged in the directory "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ TradeStation 9.1 \ Program \ Cache", then, after you have launched TradeStation you may see "Waiting for symbol attributes..." instead of charts in the windows with them, and RadarScreen will be displaying a "Loading" process. To solve this problem, close TradeStation and delete the directory "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ TradeStation 9.1 \ Program \ Cache".

  • Officially, TradeStation runs on Windows 7 or later. However, it also runs on Windows XP so far.

  • At the moment, only the symbols quoted by Forexite are imported in a real time mode. The indices and CFD quoting is in the process, but the exact timing of the data import is not yet known.

  • When working with TradeStation for a long period of time, and after many updates installation for years, some retarding and interruptions have been noticed. However, after a complete uninstall and the installation of the base version and immediately Update 29, there are no problems at all. The reason may be a large number of updates which may cause whatsoever errors in the platform settings thus affecting its operation.
If you are experiencing any problems or you have any questions, please write them in the comments to this article.


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