TradeStation 9.1 (build 12880) portable version.

History of changes

01.09.2015  Available for download version 4.
15.05.2015  The shortcuts for program launch as an administrator from bat files were added to archive version 3.
25.04.2015   The first release.

The TradeStation 9.1 build 12880 portable version allows using its customized platform on any computer with Windows XP or later without its installation. No installation of additional components, such as .Net 4 is required. The process of the complete installation and configuration is described in the "TradeStation 9.1 installation for working with QuoteRoom".

You can download the latest version from here:
TS_9.1.12880 (301 Mb)
The clickable screenshots of the ready worksheets included in the portable version:

In this version the following changes:
  • The latest 29 Update has been installed.
  • The Puls library has been installed.
  • The indicators and strategies have been installed.
  • The toolbar and hot keys (for the details see below) have been customized.
The order of use:
  1. Download and extract the archive. You need 2900 Mb of the free space to extract it. After it is unpacked, a TS_9.1.12880_Portable_Eng directory containing all the necessary files to run, will be created.

  2. Open the directory. Run the 1_Start_QuoteRoom.bat file. It will launch QuoteRoom.

  3. In the QuoteRoom window, you need to be authorized in the TradeRoom platform. If you do not have a demo or a real account, the account must be registered and authorized in TradeRoom. After the authorization, all the services necessary for TradeStation's work will be launched:

    TradeStation Setup.

  4. After the whole history is downloaded, QuoteRoom will launch the TradeStation portable version. If you do not want to wait until QuoteRoom downloads the history, you can run the 2_Start_TS.bat file. This file just starts the TS_9.1.12880_Portable.exe file.
The portable version peculiarities:
  • All your settings and mutable files of the portable version are stored in the SBox directory. If you delete it, all settings will be reset, and you will need to run TradeStation in two steps:
    1. First launch 1_Start_QuoteRoom, and then 2_Start_TS.bat. TradeStation will tell you there is not enough memory. Nothing wrong. Just wait for all the worksheets to open. Then close TradeStation.
    2. Re-launch 2_Start_TS.bat. From now on everything should work correctly; there must be no problems with the possible lack of memory.
  • The launch as an administrator is required for the systems with UAC enabled.

  • The portable version operates in an all-closed-processes mode if the TradeStation main window is closed. It may be inconvenient at the moment, when you are editing a TDE code and close an area with charts unexpectedly. As a result, the computer will automatically shut down TDE, too. Use 3_Start_TS_NotAutoClose.bat for a launch for the companion processes not to be closed automatically. This file contains the TradeStation launch with the appropriate parameter:

    start TS_9.1.12880_Portable.exe /XDisable=ShutdownProcTree;

  • The portable version does not have the expert commentary mode enabled if the platform distribution package is not installed on the computer. In case it is, the mode will operate, but sometimes you may be notified of the OrCal.exe restart. These notifications influence nothing. Unfortunately, we could not get everything at once.
For ease of use, there are customized toolbars and the corresponding hot keys in the portable version. The hot keys are set mostly without Ctrl or Alt. That is, by pressing the letter D, you immediately activate the dragging mode. When you need to enter a text, just hold the Shift button. If such an approach is inconvenient for you, use your own hot keys layout.

Pre-combinations in ENG.kbl:
  • A - Automatic scaling.
  • D - chart dragging and a vertical scale manual compression mode.
  • Num + «+» - Zoom.
  • Num + «-» - UnZoom.
  • Up arrow - compress chart on the the time scale.
  • Down arrow - uncompress chart on the the time scale.
  • C - expert commentary mode.
  • Q - mouse raw pointer mode. Disables the expert commentary mode.
  • L - free style line.
  • H - horizontal line.
  • R - retracement.
  • T - text. Hold Shift to enter a text. In this case a call of hot keys without Ctrl or Alt does not conflict with a text entered uppercase.
  • W - arrange worksheets windows.
  • S - context menu with a list of strategies for quick on/off.
  • I - context menu with a list of indicators for quick on/off.
  • Alt+X - close the window.
  • Ctrl+O - open a worksheet.
  • Ctrl+S - save all worksheets.
  • Alt+1 - open an optimization report.
  • Alt+2 - Open a stragedy report.
Try using the hot keys, and you will understand how precious and convenient the technical analysis in TradeStation is, as compared to that in MetaTrader. I have to use MetaTrader, but without the dragging mode, zooming, a quick on / off of the indicators or strategies. The technical analysis does not exist for me in MetaTrader. Once having tried the convenience of this platform, it will be difficult for you to refuse it in the future.

Your improving proposals for the settings and the portable version content are strongly welcome.


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