По кругу устанавливается MDAC. Как с этим бороться?

Надо скачать последнюю версию MDAC с www.microsoft.com и установить ее перед установкой ProSuite. Если не помогло, то делаем следующее:


DAC Loop During Installation

This document provides instructions for resolving an issue where the MDAC installation loops and the software installation program does not progress.
Once MDAC is installed and the computer has been rebooted, you receive the same prompt to install MDAC. Editing the Windows Registry can resolve this condition.

How To:


From the Microsoft website - "Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall Windows 95/98 or Windows NT. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of Registry Editor can be solved. Use Registry Editor at your own risk. For information on how to edit the registry, view the Changing Keys and Values online Help topic in Registry Edito (Regedit.exe). Note that you should make a backup copy of the registry files (System.dat and User.dat) before you edit the registry."

Use these steps to edit the registry values:

  1. Abort the installation of the 2000i software if it is currently running.
  2. Click the Start | Run menu sequence.
  3. In the Open edit box type REGEDIT and click OK.
  4. Click the plus sign (+) next to the entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  5. Click the + next to SOFTWARE that is revealed.
  6. Click the + next to Microsoft that is revealed. You may have to scroll down in the window to find the entry.
  7. Click the DataAccess folder to highlight it. You may have to scroll down to find the entry.
  8. In the right-hand pane, click the FullInstalVer registry key once to highlight it.
  9. Click the Edit | Modify menu.
  10. Enter the value 2.12.4202.3 and click OK.
  11. Click the Version registry key once to highlight it.
  12. Click the Edit | Modify menu.
  13. Enter the value 2.1.2 and click OK.
  14. Click the Registry | Exit menu to close the Registry Editor.
  15. Restart the installation. It is not necessary to reboot the computer.



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